Ghana Water Company cries: Faecal matter has entered Weija Treatment Plant

Dr. Clifford Braimah, the company’s managing director, says the revelation necessitates coordinated inter-agency action to maintain the cleanliness of all the nation’s water bodies.

On Saturday, September 17, he made this disclosure on Newsfile.

“If you visit Weija, an Accra suburb with an urban environment, you’ll notice that the raw water there is of a greenish color. It denotes the infiltration of organic substances. People’s feces are one significant organic item that is shoved in, he sobbed.

The Water Resources Commission has been left in a terrible situation and is unable to carry out its job to ensure that the nation’s water bodies are kept clean, Dr. Braimah said.

He believes that the battle against illegal mining, a threat that has damaged Ghana’s water sources, can only be won by the coordinated efforts of the appropriate organizations.

“At Ghana Water Company, we use the resource directly to provide water for the people. However, we lack the authority or responsibility to keep an eye on the water bodies. The Water Resources Commission is responsible.

What role has the Water Resources Commission had in all of these initiatives that we are conducting? Have you visited the Water Resources Commission to even see the offices where they are employed? According to, he sobbed.

The Water Resources Commission should be retooled in order to fulfill its purpose, according to the GWCL boss, since this will make it easier for his organization to do its work.

He was responding to the arrest of Aisha Huang, a Chinese illegal miner, and others who are presently being held by law enforcement authorities and are likely to face charges.

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