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Ghana card: NIA to commence registration of persons below age 15 in 2023

Starting in 2023, Ghanaians under the age of 15 will be required to register with the National Identification Authority (NIA).

Abudu Abdul Ganiyu, the NIA’s interim head of corporate affairs, said this on Prime Morning on Monday.

He claimed that the majority of people who conduct business and require the Ghana card are over the age of 15, which is why it was decided to postpone the registration of those under the age of 15 to the next year.

The action comes in response to the Minister of Communication and Digitalization’s decision to prolong the SIM card registration period to September 30, 2022, allowing more Ghanaians to obtain the Ghana card, the sole document needed.

The bulk of consumers are reportedly unable to register their SIM cards since the Authority claims it has not yet sent over 800,000 printed cards.

Mr. Ganiyu thinks delaying registration of those under the age of 15 will free them up to assist the vast majority of people who most urgently require the card.

“The age restriction is 15 years and up since those people are the ones who often conduct business using an ID card. For instance, whether it concerns a bank account, a pension, or the registration of a SIM card… As a result, the NIA has been able to register nearly 90% of people in this age group.

“We will start enrolling Ghanaians who are under the age of 15 during the course of the year or early next year,” he continued.

In addition, Mr. Abdul Ganiyu gave the assurance that the NIA would continue to register people because it has established 292 permanent regional and district offices around the nation to make it possible for the majority of Ghanaians to apply for the Ghana card.

“NIA is a governmental organization that is required by law to establish permanent regional and district offices that allow Ghanaians to constantly register and that enable us to continue providing what we refer to as Identity Management Services. There is no deadline for NIA registration, he noted.

Additionally on the program, Ken Ashigbey, CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, pleaded with Ghanaians without the Ghana card to terminate the prolonged window for registering their SIM cards so they wouldn’t lose them.

The NIA is working to ensure that there are cards in all the District offices and the regional offices that they’ve opened, so that a lot more people could get their Ghana cards, and people should then make sure that they get to the agents and get registered, Mr. Ashig said. “…I am just hopeful that Ghanaians will take advantage of this last window that has been given, those who do not have Ghana cards, go apply for the Ghana card,” he said.

We cannot anticipate that every Ghanaian will have registered for the Ghana card at a specific time, he continued.

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