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Galamsey exposé: Charles Adu Boahen denies taking bribes from investors

Charles Adu Boahen, the author of the exposé, claimed that Dr. Bawumia only requires $200,000 as an appearance fee and a few positions from an investor for his siblings to gain his support and influence in starting a firm in Ghana.

Only a few hours before the screening of his most recent undercover exposé, Anas posted on his Facebook timeline that during a meeting with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of State responsible for Finance, he had learned that the Vice President would accept an appearance fee of only USD 200,000 in exchange for supporting their investment.

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“You mean, like appearance fees and stuff? I mean he, himself (the Vice President), if you give him some (USD) 200,000 or something as a token, as thank you, appreciation, that’s fine. He’s not really, he’s not really (like) that. All he needs is to worry about his campaign money in 2020,” Charles Adu Boahen said when he was asked how an investor can get the attention of the Vice President.

Along with the $200,000 appearance fee paid to him, he continued, an investor must also take into account opportunities for the Vice President’s siblings in order to secure their entire support.

On Monday, November 14, 2022, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo revoked Adu Boahen’s position due to the exposé.

However, the troubled Minister refuted claims that he sold his influence and accepted bribes using Bawumia’s name.

He claimed in a Facebook post that there had been an attempt to frame him in 2018, and that he is innocent of all charges. He also said that he would work with the appropriate authorities to conduct thorough investigations to establish his innocence.

Adu Boahen denies taking bribes with Bawumia's name

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