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G-strings: Here are three unexpected dangers of wearing them on a regular basis.

People have strong opinions about what style, cut, fabric and more is the best for them, and some strongly believe that no underwear is the best underwear

There are several shocking health adverse effects of constantly wearing thongs or g-strings, in particular, that you should be aware of if thongs are your preferred underwear.
Despite the fact that some individuals believe them to be the most uncomfortable underwear choice, others like them for comfort or aesthetic reasons. Wearing thongs all the time might cause certain concerns, but not everyone who decides to do so needs to be concerned about every single health complication.

It’s not only the length of time you wear a thong; there are a number of other elements that might influence the kind of problems you have when wearing thong underwear. When it comes to thong underwear, there are a few things to consider, from the materials used to the size and fit, and beyond.

The following are some risk wearing thongs may expose you to.

  • Vaginal infections

Thongs can cause health problems to those that wear them regularly. The health issues start from the urinary tract and vaginal infections. Thongs irritate and inflame the area around the Bartholdi’s glands, which produce lubricant during intercourse. They asserted that if the ducts that lead to the glands get hemmed, one could also develop a cyst next to one’s vagina. Simply put, thongs irritate the vagina and not allowing it enough air space which obviously reveals the harmful nature of the string.

  • Yeast infection

According to a study, thongs have the capacity of increasing the chances of getting a yeast infection because of extra moisture built up from the tight fit. A manufacturer of a medication used for the treatment of yeast infections, Vagisil, affirmed that thong ought to be avoided because it causes yeast infections.

  • Reactions of the skin

These are some of the results gotten from wearing g-string: chafed skin, irritation and infection. Chafed skin results when the thong rubs the sensitivity of the skin. This can get infected and become very painful if not quickly noticed. The clitoris can also become irritated from the friction of the thong

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