Fuel price in Kenya reaches an all time high

Kenyan fuel prices have increased to a new high as a result of the withdrawal of fuel subsidies in the country. An increase in fuel prices was announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), which will take effect from September 15 until October 14. The subsidy was implemented to lessen the consequences of the general price increase.

While partially conserving the subsidies for diesel and kerosene, EPRA stated that it has eliminated the subsidy for super gasoline.

Super gasoline, which is frequently used by individual drivers, will increase in price from 160 to 179 sh. While diesel, which is primarily used by transportation and industry, will cost 165 shillings in Nairobi, the country’s capital. The price of the kerosene used in low-income houses is 145 shillings.

A liter of gasoline, fuel, and kerosene will cost, respectively, Ksh176.98, Ksh162.76, and Ksh145.69 in Mombasa.

A liter of gasoline will cost Ksh178.62 in Nakuru, a liter of diesel Ksh164.83, and a liter of kerosene Ksh147.79.

The greatest prices, between Ksh180 and Ksh192, would be found in Lamu, Laisamis, Meru, Mtito Andei, Elwak, Mandera, Kericho, Kisii, Nyamira, Homa Bay, Migori, Busia, and Kimilili.

According to a decision made by the new administration, the fuel subsidy has been eliminated. President William Ruto, who had just been inaugurated in, had expressed his reservations about the fuel subsidy, calling it inefficient and unsustainable.

Ruto stated that the subsidy would cost taxpayers Ksh280 billion if it persisted through the end of the fiscal year, which is equal to the entire national government’s development budget.

The Kenyan Transporters Association KTA, who have voiced their discontent with the reduction of fuel subsidies, are bearing the brunt of the president’s decree.

When the president announced the withdrawal of the subsidy during his inauguration address, it was not well received. The Kenyan people worry that this will increase living expenses right away because gasoline usage directly affects how quickly an economy grows.

“Any increase in fuel prices has an impact on the average hustler’s ability to afford vital products and services, both directly and indirectly. We humbly ask the new administration to continue protecting the public by subsidizing petrol notwithstanding the loss in government revenue “KTA declared.

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