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Freedom Jacob Caesar’s idea to grow the tigers here in Ghana apt; he should bring more – A Plus

According to musician Kwame Asare Obeng (A Plus), the proposal of businessman Freedom Jacob Caesar to raise the two tigers in Ghana is a positive step to increase Ghana's tourism.

His main concern was that the neighbors were not used to living with such animals, which prompted their outrage.

On Saturday, May 21, A Plus remarked on UTV, “The concept to bring the animals here and groom them here is a nice idea since we are talking about tourism, it is a very good idea, but the neighbors are not accustomed to such things, it is a very excellent idea.”

“I will urge him to bring more into the country,” he added.

Caesar explained to that he went through the right process in bringing the animals to boost Ghana’s tourism. He said he brought in expert who created a safety cage for the animals in order to ensure that they do not pose a danger to society.

Residents of Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, were reported to have expressed deep concerns over the two tigers in their neighborhood.

Several locals were mentioned in the media as saying that “the animals stink.” Those animals are kept in an apartment with no access to natural light or fresh air. You can sense a distinct foul odor emerging from them as soon as the door is opened.”

“They are opened early in the morning and then sent inside about 10 a.m.,” stated another. They urinate and defecate on the floor. They also produce noise, which keeps us awake at night.”

Speaking on this development in interview with the press on Thursday May 19, Jacob Caesar said “First of all, it is right, I have two tigers that I bought on a bid between Ghana and Dubai which I was the representative from the private sector that had initiated my interest in purchasing these two animals. But we did go through the process, the animals are seven months old, still at the very young stage.

“I went in to purchase these animals in order to boost tourism in our nation.” I intended to enter the Safari World by ensuring that Ghana, with the exception of South Africa, becomes the first country in West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa to have these creatures.

“We wanted to be the first to have it, so I ordered both the male and female versions and have been wearing them for the past six months.” I called in expects from outside to build a safety cage for these creatures so that they don’t become a threat to the people.”

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