Foreigner who chased, assaulted car park attendant at airport arrested

For attacking a parking valet at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on Wednesday, a female foreigner has been detained.

The culprit allegedly parked on the pedestrian overpass at Terminal 3’s departure frontage and refused to move it when requested.

The attendant then clamped her car, according to the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), which provided more information.

The Thursday Facebook post stated, “In a fit of fury, she jumped out of the car, took the clamp off, and flung it at the Car Park guard, hurting him in the process.

Cee of Mentor fame said, “I regret choosing money over education since I forgot about it.”

GACL said that she was detained by the police officers stationed at the airport before being delivered to the airport police station.


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An amateur video of a light-skinned woman following a young man earlier today was making the rounds on social media.

Before a police officer stepped in, the irate woman was also seen hurling a piece of equipment at the man.

Since then, many people have questioned what would have prompted the female to attack the young attendant.

On the strength of this, the GACL has released an explanation.

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