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Foreign Affairs Ministry speaks on status of Ghanaian prisoners in Libya

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at least 20 Ghanaian convicts detained for a variety of crimes are now receiving consular services from the Ghana Embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

According to the ministry, the inmates were convicted of offenses like running brothels, drinking in public, selling and using drugs, not having a valid passport, and attempting to enter Europe illegitimately through the Mediterranean Sea.

This comes after an article with the heading “Ghanaian Prisoners in Libya Cry for Help” from the Ghanaian Chronicle Newspaper.

The Ministry stated in a statement that “Although some of our convicted nationals would claim to have finished serving their prison terms, our checks indicate that there were instances where some of them were caught drunk at brothels and without necessary documentation and may therefore be serving multiple sentences longer than they had anticipated.”

“From experience,” the statement continued, “some Ghanaians sentenced to prison or detention centers occasionally, though well aware of their prison terms, try to court sympathy by making atrocious audio recordings in the hope of securing a possible release or deportation and avoiding the harsh conditions in Libyan prisons and detention centers.”

The Ministry, who has vowed its ongoing assistance to the people, claims that it started working to free these convicts as early as May 2021.

“Our Mission in Tripoli continues to exert great effort to obtain official information on the conditions of our compatriots held in jail throughout Libya and the actual sentences they are serving from the relevant Libyan authorities.

These discussions with the Libyan prison officials to enable the release of our countrymen date back to May 2021 in terms of the detainees who were said to have completed their sentences at the time.

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