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For women: 5 gestures that make men feel loved

These actions make men feel valued and appreciated.

Who doesn’t want to be adored and loved? Men, too, are affected, and it is not only about sex and flattery.

They, too, like feeling significant in the lives of others and having a space in your heart where they are not replaceable.

If you love him, don’t only keep it hidden in your heart and seldom reveal it; instead, try these 5 actions to make him feel cherished and safe.

  • Show him your crazy side

Most women tend to show only their serious side, all manners, rules etc. This is where they go wrong when dealing with men. Every once in a while, it is important that you show him your crazy side too. Break into random dance moves, sing something, order a pizza and break the imposed weight loss rule, ask him out on a random date for bowling or snooker, something he loves. This makes him feel more comfortable and that he can have fun with you and open up.

  • Allow him boys’ night

Men often feel that their girlfriend or partner might get upset if he has his boys’ night and tends to forcefully spend all day only with you. That is unfair as we all need our space. Make sure you let him know that he can call his boys over for that match, or simply for hanging around and that you can make your own plans and be out of his hair. Give him space, let him live his life too!

  • Let duties pass sometimes

So couples are supposed to have the house chore duties split and that is the right way of healthy functioning. If he must do the laundry but you can see he is super busy, or too tired, you do the laundry instead and don’t be too vocal about it. You will notice that he will be grateful and shall do the same for you when you are in the same position. Don’t nag.

  • Initiate sex

Why should it just be the duty of the man to initiate sex when you too enjoy it? It is not a need just for men, even women want it! Begin with randomly initiating sex once every two or three weeks. And he will for sure be a bit taken aback, but even more, turned on.

  • Give your phone a break

You want his attention when spending time with him, but so does he! If you initiate this habit, he too will start doing the same. Practice what you preach! Unplug the TV, anything with a screen. Just sit with him with hot cocoa or whatever you both drink, make the room a little cozy and just talk. Pick up any subject, ask how’s work going etc. Share the emotional burdens too.

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