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For men, here are 5 things women wish you do during sex

No doubt, it might be challenging to express certain wishes, especially if you come from a group of people that value quiet, cute ladies. However, pleasure isn’t necessarily the result of inactivity.

We’ve compiled a list of six things that women wish you’d do during sex. She may be thinking that even though she isn’t saying it.

Intensify the foreplay
According to research, it takes women about 20 minutes to reach their peak level of arousal. Men, on the other hand, can typically arrive there in much less time. Of course some compromise is necessary for sex. But the turtle typically prevails over the hare when it comes to issues of arousal and orgasm. The longer foreplay is engaged in, the more chance the clitoris has to fill with blood and the vagina has to lubricate. And both of those actions are necessary for fulfilling sex. Additionally, the more time you spend having fun, the more chances your body has to release feel-good hormones.

Even though you both strip off together, women occasionally find it very challenging to express their needs. Pay close attention to what she has to say and seek clarification where necessary.

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