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For men: 4 simple tips to get your woman to experience orgasm

For many women, orgasm can be difficult to achieve. However, it might only take some patience, kindness, and understanding of how to hit her sweet places.

All genders are working harder than ever to debunk the enigmatic female orgasm. Some frequent queries in the sexual health and wellness field include: how to orgasm, how to give an orgasm, how to boost sexual pleasure, how to satisfy my spouse.

Getting a lady to orgasm requires some skill. The secret is to spend more time on foreplay and research the magical locations.

It also doesn’t hurt to know which sexual positions are most likely to result in an orgasm.

Here are several methods to induce orgasms in your woman:

The importance of foreplay cannot be undermined when it comes to spicing up a sex session and bringing your partner closer to orgasm. The build-up with kisses, nibbles and cuddles, can just not be left out. Cuddling and foreplay can be tremendously arousing for you and your partner. It also helps your natural lubes to do their job.

Consent is the most important aspect of sex. Asking a woman if she is okay with each move you make is sexy. It is respectful and an expression of the fact that you care.

Communication is not just the foundation of a great relationship, but also of great sex! Talking to each other about your likes, dislikes, comforts, discomforts and sweet spots can be sexier than you think.

Research has shown that there are benefits of communication during sex. Yes, sexual communication was positively associated with sexual desire, sexual arousal, lubrication, orgasm, erectile function, less pain and overall sexual function.

Your partner must feel loved and cared for in order to be completely comfortable and uninhibited with you. Care and compassion are all a part and parcel of good sex life as they build the real connection of hearts.

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