Footballer sends brother to replace him at his wedding (Photos)

Mohammed Buya, a standout for Malmo FF, was unfortunate in that he had to skip his own wedding in order to complete a transfer to his new team.

The striker needed to finalize his transfer to the Sweden team in order to get married on July 21, 2022, in Sierra Leone.

On July 22, the forward was introduced as a Malmo player; Turay’s wedding had occurred the day before, albeit without the groom.

He made sure his brother would represent him as the groom at the ceremony even though he wasn’t there on his special day.

Fortunately, the happy couple had taken wedding pictures before the celebrity was compelled to travel to Sweden.

“On July 21, we wed in Sierra Leone. Malmo requested me to come here earlier, but I wasn’t there. We already captured images. So, even if it appears that I was there, I wasn’t, he told Swedish media site Afton Bladet.

“At the wedding event, my brother had to speak for me,” he continued.

The forward is now wishing he would still be alive to board the aircraft for his honeymoon.

“I’ll make an effort to get her to Malmo and Sweden soon so that she can be near me. She’ll be residing here with me. I have to go on my honeymoon after we win the league.

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