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Fisheries Minister petitioned on illegal fishing activities at Ketu South

Through Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive Maxwell Lugudor, members of the Denu Landing Beach have petitioned the Ministry of Fisheries to assist in putting an end to illegal fishing practices and discontent at sea in the Ketu South Coastal villages.

The members noted that the undersigned net owners and fishermen who operate at the various landing beaches in Ketu South have recently seen some unfavorable events there and as a result require the MCE and the Minister’s urgent intervention in order to avoid any issues during the illegal fishing operations.

JoyNews intercepted the appeal, which is dated November 22, 2022, after several fisherman were alleged to have engaged in light fishing at Denu.

Denu Landing Beach fishermen claim that since the end of the closed season, things have not been easy for them, particularly for those working there, as their competitors at other landing beaches from Blekusu to Aflao (aside from Denu Landing Beach) have turned to illegal fishing techniques like poly nets and mono-fila nets, depriving most of them of good catches.

They stated, “We are quiet even though we are well aware that such fishing tactics are illegal owing to their severe economic ramifications, but it appears that these people cannot halt the operations at this time.”

The group reported that some fishermen from Adina-Amutinu were involved in a regrettable occurrence that happened on November 21 at sea in Ketu South. They attacked a canoe that belonged to Mr. Narbi Alordo, the chief fisherman of the Denu tribe, and charged it with unlawful light fishing.

The fishermen on board had to battle for their lives after being assaulted by these people so hard that the canoe fell. They claimed that one of the fisherman was captured, bound with a rope, and then transferred to the Denu Police station where he was imprisoned.

The group is calling on the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development to immediately place a ban on the use of illegal fishing methods, especially the use of undersized nets which according to them are depleting the fish stock.

They observed that these fishermen are rather busy accusing others of the same wrongdoings, rather than acting morally and employing the proper fishing techniques.

The group is hoping that the Ministry takes immediate action to address the issue.

In order to address the current problems, Mr. Maxwell Lugudor, MCE for Ketu South, promised to forward their petition to the appropriate parties.

Mr. Lugudor stated that his office is also making every effort to ensure that the proper course of action is taken.

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