FIFA World Cup 2022 to have Robot Linesmen

The 2022 World Cup will have “robo linesmen,” according to FIFA.

For Fifa’s global showcase, which begins in November, world chief Gianni Infantino is eager to use the “semi automated offside” system.

The technology, which employs ten cameras to track 29 body points of each player, was tested in four of Doha’s eight World Cup stadiums during the Club World Cup, which Liverpool won, and the Arab Cup, which was contested in four of Doha’s eight World Cup stadiums.

With all indications that the technology works, providing considerably faster offside calls than the existing VAR line-led system, international chiefs are expected to offer a good report at the International FA Board’s law-making annual general meeting on Monday.

The summit is being held in Qatar after being postponed from its original March date in Zurich due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Fifa is expected to declare that there are no barriers to the complete use of the technology.
As result, England’s first game against Iran on November 21 will be only the second time the technology is used
Fifa will make the ultimate judgment after thorough examination of the trial data.
The usage of the phrase “robot offside” irritates Fifa’s referee head, Pierluigi Collina, former Italian whistler.
“On the field of play, the referees and assistants are still in charge of making decisions,” he said.

“The technology simply provides them with valuable assistance in making more accurate and faster judgements, especially when the offside decision is really tight and challenging.”

However, the cameras provide real-time data, allowing assistant VAR offside operators to provide information to on-field officials in seconds.


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