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Farmers appeal to government, warn of looming food crisis

Some peasant farmers in the Northern Region have bemoaned the high cost of agricultural inputs and asked the government and the sector minister to take action to support the farming industry.

Farmers claim that the industry is no longer appealing as a result of the substantial increase in agrochemical prices.

Some farmers told Illiasu Dabre of Adom News that they had to pay twice as much to cultivate land this season as they had previous year, forcing them to quit their jobs or raise prices for goods and services.

They disclosed that it was particularly challenging for the average farmer to farm during the previous season because farmers spent approximately GHS 1,500 just on spraying 10 hectares.

Farmers warned that a food catastrophe may result if the government did not step in to regulate the cost of agriculture inputs.

The government is being urged by the peasant farmers to at least subsidize the prices in order to prevent a food crisis in the country since they claim that farming has become too expensive, making it undesirable for others to join.

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