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Family of 5 forced to live in hen coop over unpaid rent

Although no condition is permanent, it is saddening to see how quickly 40-year-old Mohamed Nuhu went from grace to grass.

Due to unpaid rent, Mr. Nuhu, his wife Priscilla Nuamah, also known as Mother, and their five children, including a pair of twins who are just seven months old, are forced to sleep in a structure intended for crows in the middle of the bush.

Despite not being wealthy, the farmer told Alfred Amoh of Adom News that his family has no trouble paying the rent or eating a square meal.

He explained, “Our standard of life began to decline after one of my newborn twins was identified as having a spinal cord disorder at the Our Lady of Grace hospital in Breman Asikuma.

According to him, the twins’ birthplace hospital, Our Lady of Grace, identified one of the sisters as having a spinal condition, and then forwarded her to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra for additional care. The farmer claims that this ailment has destroyed all of their life savings.

The couple’s plantain and cassava farm, which would have served as a safety net, is not yet ready for harvest and subsequent sales.

The husband and his five children were kicked out of their rented room in Breman Asikuma by the landlord, who could no longer accept the couple’s continual delay of rent payment.

The family, who at the time had nowhere to stay, was forced to relocate into an Atakpame hen coop on their cassava farm.

The family is having a very tough time in the hen coop, especially in this current rainy season.

When it rains, the roofing, which is made of weeds and palm branches, leaks wildly.

The leakage keeps the family up till the wee hours of the morning, sometimes even later.

Given the abrupt change in his life from being self-sufficient to starting from scratch, he told Alfred Amoh that no one should ever wish illness on anyone, not even their adversaries. He also explained how his journey from Grace to grass got begun.

The children’s mother, Priscilla Nuamah, often known as Mother, expressed her sadness at the circumstances.

She continued, “I have been crying and asking God for guidance, and I am confident that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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