Fameye: Artistes will succeed with or without TikTok influencers

He said, “When did TikTok come?,” in reference to its use in gauging song popularity on TikTok. Artists will continue to produce material and gain from it anyway.

Fameye commented on claims made by Asantewaa, a TikTok influencer, and said he didn’t find her statements to be flattering.

According to him, an artist’s popularity on TikTok does not elevate them beyond other musicians.

“TikTok is neither the major platform that makes my music popular, nor is my music for TikTok. Loud music doesn’t necessarily make a song good; music is bigger than TikTok. Not all musicians are exceptionally talented, even if their song becomes a TikTok hit.

“Too much power has been vested in these TikTokers for them to be passing these kinds of comments. The comments were distasteful, and I wasn’t pleased to hear them. Unless she was playing and said it as a joke in the heat of the moment,” he said in an interview with ZionFelix.

Last Saturday, Asantewaa said on UTV’s UNITED SHOWBIZ that for a song to become popular nowadays, TikTokers have to promote it.

“That’s why I say that now it doesn’t matter how long you have played your music game. when you drop a song now it is not about your craft unless you bring it to us, if not you will have to sing your song alone.” Another TikTok star on the show, Wesley Kesse added that, “we are the board of directors, you have to bring it to us.”

After the claims, music enthusiasts condemned their comments, especially Asantewaa’s. She later pointed out in an interview with Pulse Ghana that she was only joking.

Fameye responded, “I have never paid any TikToker to intentionally promote and make my song a smash. ” When asked if he had ever been in touch with a TikTok influencer to help promote his music. However, I have given certain TikTokers who freely utilized my tunes in their movies the equivalent in money as my gratitude.

“I create my own videos and post them to social media. Since 2019, I have started advertising my tracks in this manner. For my songs, I don’t make TikTok challenges, and I don’t dance to promote them. It doesn’t necessarily imply that my songs are a hit on the streets if you can’t hear them on TikTok.

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