Exclusive: MTN Ayoba to help startups and content creators make money in Africa – Burak Akinci

In an interview with Pulse Ghana, Akinci stated that the MTN Ayoba Mobile Application is eager to collaborate with partners in Africa, such as startups and content producers, to give them the opportunity to monetize their work on the Ayoba platform.

He continued by saying that everyone with whom we collaborate on Ayoba is a partner. “We want to develop alongside them.”

“Ads are being incorporated so that content creators can profit from the platform.

“We want service and content providers to join the team and start their own communities and shows.

The MTN Ayoba CEO stated, “We think SMEs and Startup community should come on board to take advantage of the various prospects at no cost.”

Speaking on the security of the MTN Ayoba App, Burak Akinci assured that there is end-to-end encryption to protect users.

He mentioned that Ayoba has this intricate encryption on the inside that is encrypted on the server and is vital.

We are attempting to inform our users about the issues and dangers present in the digital world.

The CEO of MTN Ayoba also disclosed that by 2025, the company aims to have 100 million active consumers in Africa.

“We aim to expand at least 50% per year to meet our target of 100 million active users at the end of 2025. Growth around 50% is usual, and we want to grow at least 50% each year to reach that,” he added. “It’s our ambition, and we’re on course to reach that.”

Over 2 million active users are currently utilizing the MTN Ayoba Mobile Application to satiate a variety of demands, thanks to the platform’s tremendous growth over the previous year.

MTN Ayoba, an all-in-one app that was released in 2019, provides users with unrestricted access to an ecosystem of digital and rich media services via channels, micro-apps, and payment options.

Users of the app have access to a vast array of channels for engaging material and may send and receive encrypted messages, exchange photographs, videos, and files, give and receive audio notes, make voice and video conversations, and much more.

Transactions using Mobile Money can also be made using it.

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