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Equatorial Guinea to prosecute owner of sunk oil tanker ‘fraudulently’ flying country flag

Equatorial Guinea has said it will arraign the proprietor of an oil big hauler “falsely” flying the banner of the focal African country that steered into the rocks on April 16 off Tunisia.

VP Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue in a proclamation on Thursday said the nation has likewise mentioned, “global joint effort to identify vessels illicitly flying the Equatorial Guinea’s banner.

“From here on out, all vessels that falsely fly our banner should be loaded up,” said Rufino Ovono Ondo, Minister of Transport, on Thursday on TVGE, the state TV. The VP likewise reported in a tweet that an Equatorial Guinean commission would be shipped off Tunisia on Friday to “take an interest in the examination”.

The Xelo, which left the port of Damietta in Egypt and was, setting out toward Malta, sank in Tunisian waters where it had taken asylum the day preceding because of awful weather patterns.

The reason for the oil big hauler’s sinking has not entirely set in stone. Tunisian naval force powers emptied the seven-team individuals before the boat sank and the country’s legal executive has opened an examination to decide the reasons for this mishap. It says it likewise needs to decide the idea of the movement of the big hauler and its excursion as of late.

The team – four Turks, a Georgian commander and two Azerbaijanis – were put nabbed on April 22. Tunis then, at that point, declared that the boat was unfilled, precluding any gamble of contamination, subsequent to having at first guaranteed that it was conveying 750 tons of diesel.

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