Energy Minister: NAPO speaks hard truth to world leaders at COP27 conference (Video)

He claimed that although Africans would prefer not to harm the environment in their efforts to advance, they would be forced to do so if they could not afford better energy.

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He claimed that the majority of people on the continent were unlikely to take any action to prevent them from using their natural resources to produce energy for their development.

During a forum that was organized in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt in 2022, Dr. Opoku Prempeh was a guest speaker.

He claimed that access to affordable electricity is now crucial for development.

“Because energy is not a luxury but a right, a fundamental right and so governments must work to ensure that the whole population has access to energy to develop socio-economically,” he stated. In a related development, world leaders took a bold step towards addressing the risks of water insecurity and water-related climate disasters at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27).

It came after the Action on Water Adaptation or Resilience (AWARe) project, which promoted inclusive collaboration to tackle water-related problems in conjunction with climate change adaptation.

Reducing water losses globally and enhancing water availability is one of the AWARe’s three action priorities.

The program thrives on executing mutually agreed rules and procedures for cooperative water-related adaptation action and its co-benefits, according to a story.

Additionally, it encourages collaboration and connections between climate change and water policies in order to fulfill Agenda 2030, particularly SDG 6. (improved water and sanitation).

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