Emeka Ike: How God saved me from an abusive wife

Emeka Ike, a seasoned Nollywood actor, hasn’t moved over his failed marriage from a few years ago.

Emeka Ike and Suzanne Emma’s 14-year marriage ended in divorce five years ago, and the actor has since spoken out once more about violence.

Remember that in 2015, Suzanne Emma filed a divorce petition with the court, alleging that her husband had physically and verbally abused her during the marriage.

Emeka Ike took a vacation from Nollywood and his life hasn’t been the same since.

The actor recently discussed the effects of living with an abusive relationship, even if he has subsequently found love again.

Ike also instructed his social media fans to go ask their grandparents why dads pass away before brides.

Please, please conduct thorough study, he pleaded. Nowadays, most women mistreat guys more often. They don’t fall in love once more. The majority of them marry you for your money and ruin your life, if not murder you. I was a sufferer. Why don’t the wives of kidnappers and armed robbers scream?

Why is it always incredibly successful and wealthy men lately? While this kill and get wealthy scheme expands unnoticed, violent guys serve as the cover. Not that there aren’t any deadbeat males, but the rise in the other gender’s ability to manipulate is completely overlooked. Why must males in marriage usually pass away before women?Just ask your dad. Inquire of your grandfather. If they are still there to tell you, that is. Please, stop supporting these evil, deceptive, and selfish ladies with this uninteresting shirt. Na God rescue me,

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