Elon Musk put his foot down on Twitter’s $8 blue tick fee, telling users they can keep complaining but the price won’t change

The billionaire, who last week finalized a $44 billion agreement to acquire the social media site, revealed on Tuesday that Twitter’s new verification mechanism would cost $8 per month. Some verified Twitter users were upset that they would have to start paying for the blue tick, which generated a debate among them.

Musk reiterated his plans later in the day in spite of the criticism.

He tweeted, “To all complainers: Please keep moaning, but it will cost $8.

According to Musk, the cost would include the blue checkmark as well as other benefits like priority in search, fewer advertisements, and the capacity to publish lengthy videos. Musk intends to add similar services to Twitter Blue, the site’s premium subscription service.

The subscription fee of $8 is less than anticipated. According to a report published on Sunday by The Verge, Musk wants to raise Blue’s current monthly fee of $4.99 to $20.

On Twitter, author Stephen King reacted to the news by threatening to leave the platform if he had to pay $20 to maintain his blue checkmark. Musk replied to King’s tweet by saying: “We must find a way to pay the bills. Twitter can’t only rely on sponsors. Consider $8.”

The likelihood of false accounts and bots impersonating journalists, public figures, celebrities, and other public figures on the site by paying to stay verified raises the possibility of more pervasive misinformation.

The billionaire responded to a tweeter who claimed another user might attempt to imitate Musk for $8 by using the identical name, profile picture, and tweets: “That already happens very frequently.”

One of the many controversies Musk has faced in the days since he assumed control of the site is the accusation of using Twitter’s verified status. Several top executives have been fired, there are rumors that he may lay off 25% of the employees, and there has been an increase in hostile content on the website, among other things.

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