Elon Musk claims to be only “catching cruise” with Manchester United fans

Elon Musk, a billionaire from South Africa, has issued a clarification regarding his startling revelation from earlier this morning.

When Musk announced that he was purchasing English team Manchester United on his Twitter account early on Wednesday morning, it was a surprising surprise.

Also, the millionaire added, “I’m purchasing Manchester United.”

The message quickly became popular among football enthusiasts, particularly followers of the struggling Premier League team.

Elon Musk’s post about purchasing Manchester United has since gained a lot of attention on social media, with Red Devils supporters pleading with the Tesla CEO to “rescue the club.”

‘I’m joking’ – Musk clears the air

The billionaire, who is well known for his love of tweeting, has now clarified his earlier remark.

The 51-year-old richest man in the world responded to a tweet asking him whether he wanted to purchase Manchester United by saying;

“No, this is a continuing Twitter joke. I don’t purchase any sports franchises, “Musk published.

Elon Musk claims he’s making fun of the idea of purchasing Manchester United.
However, he confesses in a subsequent tweet that he has been a fan of the Red Devils since he was a young child and that if he were to buy a sports team, it would be them.

“But Man United would be the team if it were any. As a child, they were my favorite team “Added he.

Musk’s Twitter reputation

The richest man in the world is known for his quips on Twitter because he frequently criticizes and jeers the media there.

When the US Securities and Exchange Commission pursued Musk four years ago after he tweeted that he planned to take Tesla private, Musk got himself into trouble.

He also recently announced that he planned to purchase Coca-Cola and attempted to purchase Twitter for $44 billion before withdrawing, which sparked a lawsuit.

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