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EC: We won’t use Ghana card to vote in 2024 elections

The Ghana card would only be utilized to register for a voter ID card, according to Dr. Eric Bossman Asare, Deputy Chairman of the EC.

“We won’t cast our votes using the Ghana Card. No, we won’t cast votes using it. We will issue you with a voter’s card after you register; the Ghana Card is only used for voter registration. Therefore, let’s encourage our kids to get their Ghana Cards as soon as they become 16 so that by 2024, when they turn 18 and there are still 60 days till the elections, they may stroll to our district office or constituency and register for their voter’s ID, he said.

Dr. Bossman Asare stated that the decision to utilize the Ghana Card was made by the various political parties at a meeting of the EC and the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC).

Since the Ghana Card could be obtained at age 15, it was determined that people who were about to turn 18 should be encouraged to obtain their cards and then visit their district office to register and be included to the voter list. He indicated.

The EC claims that this will significantly reduce the issue of minors voting in the nation.

There is no need for concern, according to Dr. Bossman Asare, the deputy chairman in charge of corporate services at the EC, who was speaking on The Forum on Asaase Radio.

“In all of this, the party agents will be there when we begin the registration. The trouble we’re trying to stop is when people pose as Ghanaians who are underage and not of legal age.

The exercise hasn’t even started yet, but when it does, he continued, “we’re urging people to get their Ghana Cards, head to their district EC office, and register.”

“The commission claims that there is no deadline for our exercise, which is the continuing registration. So, if you are 18 and have a Ghana card when the process begins, go register. We are aware that you are underage when you apply for your Ghana Card, so after you have it and become 18, go register. Bossman said.

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