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Drama at airport as woman rescued from Saudi Arabia meets agent who ‘trafficked’ her (watch)

After being greeted by her relatives and friends at the airport, the upset and tearful woman turned to look at the other woman who she said was to blame for her dilemma.

The agent was in the crowd, and the woman noticed her while talking to her loved ones and expressing her relief from the alleged torture she had through in the United Arab Emirates. When the agent appeared, she was ready to speak to a journalist to apparently retell her experience.

In a video posted to social media, the enraged woman can be seen attempting to confront the agent in an aggressive manner while her family tries to keep her from creating a scene.

Even in her fury, she was able to confront the agent and make threats to deal with her harshly and ensure that she was made to pay for all of her miseries in the UAE and the expenses her family had to invest to save her.

Using the description “Drama at JKIA as Lady rescued from torture in Gulf, goes mad as she recognizes the agent who financed her to come there,” Channel 7 News TV posted a video of the incident on its Facebook page.

“How rude of you to visit me here. You ought to be assisting others! Your position in that office should be abolished. You’ll be reimbursed! All monies spent by my family to you will be reimbursed! The woman, who was incensed, vowed, according to

The agitated woman was being restrained when she fell to the ground, but she was able to get up and walk over to the agent to confront him.

The accused agent hurriedly left the area when she felt threatened for her protection. In the footage, a woman can be seen whisking the irate returnee away as she is being carried away by her family.

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