Doctors to push for salaries pegged against dollar in future negotiations

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has given the government advance notice that they intend to push for a US dollar peg for the pay of doctors and other healthcare workers in upcoming negotiations.

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The purpose of the notice, according to GMA President Dr. Frank Serebour, was to assist health professionals in coping with the current financial hardship in the nation as the cost of living is on the rise, he said in remarks at the 64th Annual General Conference of the Association in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

“Let me give you this signal now. In our upcoming talks, GMA will adamantly press for the dollar to be pegged to the salaries of doctors and other health professionals if it is the only way to sustain our incomes.

Dr. Serebour claims that because of the nation’s ongoing economic problems, doctors anticipate inevitable modifications to their allowances.

He claims that due to the high cost of petrol, doctors would soon be unable to respond to on-call obligations in their automobiles. In light of this, he also urged the government to “immediately revise fuel allowance to match ex-pump costs come December 2022.”

Dr. Serebour stated that the government ought to implement a tax exemption for vehicles used by healthcare professionals.

“I am aware that automobiles are currently being built in the nation. However, the price of these cars makes it impossible for us to buy them given our salary and the conditions of our health workers’ services.

He urged the administration to start debating base wage negotiations as well.

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