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Do we have a new name for Black Star Square

One of Ghana’s most recognizable monuments is still Accra’s Black Star Square.

The Square, which was finished in 1961 to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit, is presently used as a location for important military and civic parades in the Ghanaian capital.

Additionally, it holds a sizable number of public events, particularly ones with a national flavor.

Unfortunately, the lackluster maintenance culture in the nation is having an impact on it.

The Square now has an ugly sign recommending Black Tar Square as a new name for it.

Since it has been lost for quite some time, the “S” in the Star is gone, but who cares, as per usual! Yesterday morning, when I went to the Square, there were kids on a field trip and a group setting up the area for an event.

The impact made is easy to picture.

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