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Diana Asamoah: Make-up and other lifestyles I condemned as ungodly was wrong

Evangelist Diana Asamoah says she was wrong when she condemned women who wore make-up and certain kinds of clothes.

The singer, who earlier referred to women whom wear trousers and other clothing as “worldly,” has stated that she is now addressing the false impression she instilled in people about being a Christian.

She said in a Saturday appearance on UTV that her present acceptance of the things she used to denounce demonstrates her maturity in Christ.

She claims that the change in her appearance indicates that she now has a greater knowledge of what it means to be a Christian. The things she used to berate are now necessary in her life.

“It’s all about progressing in Christ Jesus.” We used to hate cosmetics and other things we considered to be worldly, but now we see the light and understand that being Godly is more about your acts than your appearance. With my present dress style, I’m rectifying the false ideas and preconceptions about being a Christian that I’ve instilled in people.”

Several months ago, the gospel singer decried the criticism she received from certain Christians who said she had renounced her faith due to her new look.

“I’m still perplexed as to why some Ghanaians believe I’ve strayed because of my new style of attire because I’m still loyal to the Almighty God’s work.”

“If you haven’t developed in God’s work, you may believe that whatever individuals do is a sin because God hasn’t opened your eyes to understand what is good and wrong.”

“My new taste for good dresses has not stopped me from serving my maker and I’m still winning souls for God just that people don’t understand me because they are not matured in Christianity.” she said.

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