Delta Air Lines’ plane banned from flying to Ghana

The decision, which was stated in a letter dated August 19, 2022 and issued to the airline’s responsible management, was made in response to two incidences aboard the aforementioned aircraft while flying from JFK to Accra.

The GCAA launched an investigation when the aforementioned aircraft, which had the registration number N195DN, was forced to return to the gate on August 1, 2022 owing to a technical issue.

The crew reported a fuel imbalance with the left main tank, according to the investigation.

It was discovered that the inbound crew had complained about a fuel imbalance when the flight departed JFK for Accra on July 31, 2022.

Parts of the letter to Delta said that “this was the same aircraft that had to return to JFK on July 25, 2022 a few hours after take-off from JFK and that was widely reported on in various media sites.”

Given the history of the aircraft, the GCAA stated that Delta Airlines would have thoroughly researched the problem to determine the actual reason of the failure prior to deploying the aircraft on flights.

Instead, the plane made many flights within the US before being sent back to Accra, only for the issue to recur.

The GCCA temporarily denied entrance to Ghana for the aforementioned aircraft with the registration number N-195DN on the grounds that it was undesirable for Delta to continue using this malfunctioning aircraft.

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