Delay tells how some girls travel to Dubai to eat poo of Arab men for $40,000 [Watch]

Delay disapproves of young women and girls’ “sudden obsession for superficiality” on social media.

The TV host finds it surprising that so many women are suddenly obsessed with having the ideal body and getting liposuction to enhance their appearance.

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“People are suddenly obsessed with superficiality, which is why they now claim that my stomach is drooping and that I should cut it off. When did we arrive here? Because I might be a villager, I will never be able to accomplish that, Delay remarked.

Delay in a video that is going viral also added that people now travel to Dubai to engage in nasty sexual acts to fund their luxurious lives on social media. “Of late, excuse me to say, some girls allow Arab men in Dubai to poo in their mouths to be paid $40,000,” she said. She continued that “they come back and use that money to buy designer clothes to post on social media. So do we live a meaningful life with this? You know what I am talking about. Recently, in a video that went viral, you’ll see a lady sleeping and these Arab men pooing in her mouth.”

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She asked, sounding disgusted by the act: “Are you serious? What in the world are you even looking for? Purchase an iPhone 14?

The Bible is the best manual for living, says Delay, and it says that everything in this world will pass away. If you purchase a new Range Rover today, a brand-new one will be produced tomorrow. We will therefore never be able to stay up with the world unless you return to get the brand new.

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