Delay interviewed Dr. UN and it’s making waves on social media

Delay, a well-known TV personality, has released a little excerpt from her interview with Dr. U.N., which will appear this weekend.

Many people were enthused by the clip and eagerly anticipated the entire interview. In the video, Delay ruffled up Dr. U.N by asking him some questions.

After Delay inquired as to whether or not he had ever slept in a police cell, the self-proclaimed world representative for the United Nations sternly warned the host to exercise extreme caution.

Yes, U.N said, adding that he was jailed for allegedly jumping bail. After addressing the query, he berated Delay for her line of inquiry and warned her to use caution.

Delay took offense to his remark and questioned whether he was threatening her and what he meant by it.

Dr. U. N retreated within himself after her response to his statement and denied threatening her.

Many online users found the video amusing and praised Delay’s handling of the situation.

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