Decision To Buy Bigger Presidential Jet Is A Sign Of Leadership Failure – Prof Gyambo Reveals

Political Science lecturer, professor Ransford Gyampo has taken a swipe at goverment over the decision to buy new and bigger jet for presidential travels.

The Director or Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin told the media on Monday that plans are far advanced by goverment to purchase a bigger plane that would save cost and also bring an end to the recent brouhaha emerging from presidential trips.

According to Professor Gyampo, it is a misplaced priority and lack of sensitivity for government to contemplate buying a presidential jet at time there is growing discontent about the conditions of service of works. Simply, a sign of leadership failure.

“Seriously, there is leadership failure and a fundamental misunderstanding of government if the comfort of servants are prioritized over the conditions of service of those who work to generate national income”.

He added that those in charge of goverment government communications have failed to appreciate what to say and which priorities must be announced at a point in time.

“The sense of timing and release of this information and the sensitivity of political elites in this country cannot escape scrutiny”.

As the General Secretary of UTAG, Professor Gyampo urged goverment to abandon the decision to buy new jet and rather channel the resources in to improving the conditions of public sector workers.

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