Deactivating sims for non-registration will cause chaos in Ghana – Martin Kpebu

He claimed that a deactivation exercise would result in anarchy because the proportion of Ghanaians without registered sims greatly outweighs the proportion with registered sims.

Speaking on Joy FM in Accra, he declared: “Let’s not fool ourselves, we are not prepared at this time to deactivate the sim card that has not been registered with the Ghana card. It will lead to chaos. Don’t forget that we utilize these SIM cards to make calls and pay taxes.

There will also be significant security consequences, the legal expert emphasized. Since the numbers are so large, it seems obvious to me that we would need to extend.

Mr Kpebu added that the numbers from the Ghana Statistical Service and other data show that Ghana cannot risk cancelling sim cards.

He said Ghana should learn from Nigeria, where the activity had no set end date but citizens were urged to keep linking their cards.

“It is astounding that there is a possibility of deactivating Sims. Nigeria has some experience with this process; they are also engaged in it. Their last deadline was in March of this year after three extensions. When they saw that millions of people still hadn’t completed theirs by March of this year, they simply stated, “We implore residents to continue,” Mr. Kpebu continued.

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, the minister of communication and digitization, has stated that the government will not extend the deadline past July 31.

At a National Communications Authority (NCA) forum in Kumasi, she made this statement.

Since the deadline of July 31, 2022, won’t be extended, she used this chance to implores everyone who hasn’t registered their SIM cards to do so.

She added that the exercise will ultimately assist Ghana in creating a reliable and secure SIM Card database.

“Most individuals use their mobile devices to access the internet. We have to make sure they do so securely. This SIM registration activity is one of the steps the government is taking in that direction. We must make it harder for the crooks who hack our systems and swindle us through several online channels to operate. Essentially, it emphasizes the idea that this exercise will make it possible to create a subscriber database with integrity, protecting customers from fraud and scams, she said.

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