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Dangerous as ‘galamsey’ activities take over homes in Elubo (Video)

Illegal mining, often known as “galamsey,” has taken over homes in the community of Elubo, which is located in the Juaboso District of the Western North Region.

A number of pits have been dug under different houses in the neighborhood, and they are located between compound residences and their backyards.

Obed Kyere, an assemblyman from Elubo, who verified the illicit activity on the morning show Dwaso Nsem of Adom FM, accused the locals of selling their land to the miners for money.

According to him, the community’s mining activities caused several of the houses to be broken.

The town has been overrun by the alarming circumstance. If the home owners had not been interested, they would not have been permitted to utilize their properties for criminal purposes, the man claimed.

The life-threatening problem, according to Mr. Kyere, has been brought to the attention of many local authorities, and efforts are being made to put a stop to the threat.

We have alerted the appropriate authorities, who invaded the neighborhood to warn the residents against leasing their land for that unlawful business. We hope the situation is lessened because it has been present for so long because lives are in danger,” he said.

On the same program, Nana Enini Barffour II, the chief of Elubo, stated that the majority of the massive holes have been filled in because the scenario almost resulted in tragedy for the community.

“Most of the big holes have been closed and everything is now under control,” he said. “Three days ago, we had the national security visit the region to appreciate the problem.

He also accused some of the house landlords of relinquishing their grounds for that purpose, a problem he claimed has since been remedied as a result of their warnings to such individuals.

“It is untrue that there are large holes in the neighborhood. People should cease lying about it because such crimes are no longer being committed now that we have found a solution to the issue, he admonished.

In the meantime, viral videos make it very evident that the Elubo community’s residents’ lives are in danger and that if nothing is done, many people could perish.

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