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Curses invoked as Suaman traditional council bans ‘galamsey’ [Video]

On water bodies in the Suaman District of the Western North Region, illicit mining (galamsey) has been outlawed by the Suaman Traditional Area.

This is a measure to repair and reclaim the area’s degraded environment.

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The Council forbade mining in the traditional territory and invoked the deities of their homeland as part of the prohibition.


The action comes in response to the widespread devastation of lands, forest preserves, and water bodies caused by illicit mining operations.

The Adumhene of the Seaman traditional council, Nana Nkyeche Panyin, said that the purpose of the exercise was to ask the gods for help in protecting the rivers against the actions of illegal miners. He led the chiefs and community leaders in what was described as a historic ritual performance to protect their water bodies.

In Bia Kotoko, a farming settlement in the Suaman district, Nana Nkyeche conducted rituals where he prayed to the local river gods to punish anyone who disobeyed their commands.

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