Crypto ban: African countries where crypto is restricted or illegal

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin, as well as the numerous cryptocurrencies that followed, has been fraught with controversy.

The legal position of the digital currency differs significantly from nation to country because to its high volatility, its usage in criminal operations, and the excessive expenditure of power to mine it. However, as more Africans use cryptos, the objections have intensified, resulting in a slew of new limits on their use.

Some nations have outright outlawed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while others have set restrictions on how they may be used.

This page compiles a comprehensive list of African nations that have banned Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Algeria — Absolute ban
  2. Benin — Implicit ban
  3. Burkina Faso — Implicit ban 
  4. Burundi — Implicit ban
  5. Cameroom — Implicit ban
  6. Central African Republic — Implicit ban
  7. Chad — Implicit ban
  8. Cote d`Ivoire — Implicit ban
  9. Ethiopia — Implicit ban
  10. Democratic Republic of Congo — Implicit ban
  11. Egypt — Absolute ban
  12. Gabon — Implicit ban
  13. Lesotho — Implicit ban
  14. Libya — Implicit ban
  15. Mali — Implicit ban
  16. Morocco — Absolute ban
  17. Namibia — Implicit ban
  18. Niger — Implicit ban
  19. Nigeria — Implicit ban
  20. Senegal — Implicit ban
  21. Tanzania — Implicit ban
  22. Togo — Implicit ban
  23. Tunisia — Absolute ban
  24. Uganda — Implicit ban
  25. Zambia — Implicit ban
  26. Zimbabwe — Implicit ban

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