Comedian Baba Spirit has died

He battled an unspecified illness till his death on Thursday.

His passing occurs soon after claims that he survived a spiritual assault.

Many people involved in Ghana’s entertainment business were horrified by Baba’s tragic passing, and many have now taken to social media to pay their respects.

Baba Spirit claimed in an interview before he passed away that some people in the business were out to get him and claimed he had been the victim of a spiritual attack but had survived.

He revealed to Bryt TV that he had a “weird” sickness that left him bedridden for more than a year.

“I’ll advise everyone who intended to kill me to go up a level because their plan didn’t succeed. One day, we’ll all pass away. I was away for more than a year for this reason. I was revived after my death. Baba Spirit was murdered, he claimed.

“It is true that those working in the field plot evil against one another. They start attacking you as soon as they notice that everything is going according to plan with regard to your employment. They’ll devise a strategy to murder you. If you pay close attention, you can find out who was responsible for the unexpected deaths of famous people, he says.

“Of course, illness can cause death, but when you look at some cases, you can see that they weren’t simple. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you what happened to me, Baba Spirit, and why I am still here today. I was stuck in bed. I couldn’t stand up by myself, so somebody had to carry me.

“When I went to the hospital, all that was found to be wrong with me was a low blood count,” the patient said.

I just realized it was an attack after fervent prayers.

“I am leaving television shows for those who wish to murder me, I say today on Bryt TV. You can chew the TV program, wear the cameras as spectacles, and host parties in the studio. Baba Spirit won’t appear in any TV programs. Then he continued, “That’s it.

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