Colombian bullfight stand collapses, kills several people

More than 300 people were hurt, including at least four fatalities, when a stand gave way during a bullfight in central Colombia.

Footage from a stadium in El Espinal, Tolima department, shows a three-story wooden platform holding people collapsing.

People ran from the debris as a bull roamed the arena.

The people entered the arena to confront the bulls during the traditional “corraleja” ritual.

Jose Ricardo Orozco, the governor of Tolima, reported that the deceased comprised two ladies, a man, and a kid. Four of the 322 patients treated in hospitals, according to the regional health authority, were in intensive care.

The activity on Sunday was a component of the well-known San Pedro fiesta.

Ivan Duque, the outgoing president, promised an inquiry, while President-elect Gustavo Petro called on municipal authorities to forbid similar gatherings.

I beg mayors not to approve any additional activities that result in the demise of people or animals, he stated.

He continued by saying that same accident has occurred before.

In El Espinal on Saturday, there were multiple injuries from corralejas. One individual passed away earlier this month in the village of Repelon after being gored by a bull during a corraleja.

According to Mr. Orozco, the corralejas are unsafe and inhumane to animals, thus his regional government will take action to outlaw them.

When he served as mayor of the city of Bogotá, Colombia, the country’s new leader Mr. Petro outlawed bullfights there.

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