COCOBOD: Galamsey is affecting cocoa production numbers

He thinks that the cocoa industry will suffer significantly in the future if the current trend of destruction by illegal miners is not reversed.

He added that the illicit miners were boldly bringing their operations to COCOBOD’s massive investments in the nation’s cocoa-growing regions.

Some of them really take control of the cocoa farms through other coercive ways. Some turn to the traditional authorities, who typically coerce the migrant farmers into saying things like, “I gave you the land; now take it.” The illegal miners are subsequently granted access to these lands. In an interview with Joy News, Mr. Boafo noted that sometimes they (illegal miners) “really start digging the land before the owners realize.”

“In a very troubling trend, COCOBOD had to subsidize some infected cocoa fields so they could start over. The illegal miners arrived to clear everything just as the farms began to bloom. That much risk the illegal mining poses to our sector, he continued.

Additionally, Mr. Boafo warned that the nation’s cocoa sector would be in risk if unlawful mining was permitted to continue without consequences.

The Minerals Commission, ministries, and other stakeholders in the fight against illegal mining must put their shoulders to the wheel. Security personnel are also important stakeholders.

In a related event, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo stated he was confused whether or not Aisha Huang, the infamous galamsey queen, was deported in 2018 for indulging in unauthorized small-scale mining.

After it was discovered that Aisha Huang had been involved in illicit mining in the nation, she was detained in 2018 and it was assumed that she had been deported.

Ghanaians have expressed outrage and contempt over the President’s recent remarks about Aisha Huang on social media.

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