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Cindy Cash alleges: Afia Schwar sleeps with dogs; Chairman Wontumi never slept with her

Entertainment panellist, Cindy Cash, has levelled allegations against Afia Schwarzenegger on Onua TV’s Biribi Gyegye Wo show. She accused Afia, whom she claimed sex dogs, of trying to destroy Chairman Wontumi because of jealousy.

Cindy Cindy Cash, Nana Amoakoa’s entertainment alter ego, shared her account of what happened between Delay, Afia Schwarzenegger, and Chairman Wontumi.
She stated that Chairman Wontumi, who had previously refused to hire Afia Schwar, had now hired her arch-enemy, Delay.

“Afia is doing all this because of jealousy because Chairman Wontumi went for Delay. Afia cursing and causing all this racket is because she begged Chairman Wontumi for a job. And Chairman said he can’t forget what you did to TV Africa so he won’t employ you. And you decided to campaign against him in the elections. And when it didn’t work, you decide to create a problem between Chairman Wotumi and his wife.”

Afia Schwar has no proof to back up her accusations that Chairman Wontumi slept with her in court, according to Cindy Cash. She went on to say that Chairman Wontumi has a hard time finding someone beautiful who sleeps with pets.

Do you think Chairman Wontumi would sleep with the wife of dogs? Afia is the wife of dogs. She is a thief. She is not attractive,” Cindy Cash alleged.

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