Church elder loses GHc800,000 to sports betting

He previously had a fleet of automobiles and three homes, the church leader claimed, but he lost it all to gambling.
He described how a buddy had introduced him to sports betting, and how he first did well, leading him to place larger bets.

Jonathan said he had won up to GHc80,000 but wanted more, so on his third try, he bet a larger sum, which marked the start of his gambling addiction.

“A buddy got me started betting, and my initial investment was Ghc 5000. I was inexperienced, but the person who introduced me was skilled in sports analysis, therefore I made GHC 3,900,” he said on Accra’s 3FM.

“The second time, I wagered 3,000 Ghana Cedis and won 5,000 Ghana Cedis. I bet GHC 20,000 the third time and won GHC 80,000. I prayed to God, asking where this had been all this time while I was in pain.

“That day, the betting spirit seeped deep into my soul and blood. I didn’t realize there was such a way to make me rich.”

Jonathan said that as his bets began to lose money, he withdrew his funds and staked another wager.

He continued by saying that he even used other people’s money to gamble, leaving him with large bills to settle.

Jonathan claimed that after turning around, he now lectures against gambling to prevent young people from making the same mistakes he did.

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