Cheddar gets social media talking with video of him choosing between his luxurious cars

The Ghanaian millionaire recently made headlines on social media for paying his barber over $2000 for a haircut. The real estate tycoon this time released a video on social media in which he discusses his Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maybach.

In the video, Nana Kwame Bediako, commonly known as Cheddar, asked him about his other automobiles as he prepared to depart for an event while dressed in a three-piece “Agbada.”

He enquired as he walked out toward his personal assistant, “What’s wrong with my Lambo?” and his aide said, “Sharp,” then he questioned, “740 VHP?” He then remarked, “Calibration done, good to go.”

When asked about the Maybach and the Ferrari, his assistant said, “Yeah, both of them are nice,” and Freedom Jacob Ceaser, after saying, “Alright, but we ain’t nowhere to drive them,” walked away to seat in his Rolls Royce, said, “Well, we don’t have nowhere to drive them.”

Within 19 hours, the post on his Instagram profile had over 156,000 views, 36,000+ likes, and nearly 800 comments. “Where did he obtain all of this money, Enti freedom paaa? No, Dadaada wo hy3 hen fa? Because ehu oo boi “said an Instagram user.

Added another “”Why don’t you run for president of Ghana?” a user tweeted, adding the line “Money talks for real. The source of all evil is poverty! “.

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