Chaos erupts after a tomato spill in California (video)

In the US state of California, a truck accidentally spilled more than 150,000 tomatoes across a busy highway, stopping all traffic.

Seven vehicles collided as a result of the tomato spatter, forcing the closure of a large portion of Interstate 80 on Monday.

According to the California Highway Patrol, four persons were hospitalized with minor injuries and one had a broken leg.

Truckers move the fruit around the state during tomato season via the main highway.

According to reports, the tomato truck was involved in an initial collision that forced it to drift into the middle of the highway, spreading fist-sized tomatoes across a 200-foot portion of the highway.

Highway Patrol Officer Jason Tyhurst said that the resulting wave of crimson sauce was about “two feet deep.”

The squelching tomatoes were covered by cars, which released a hazardous slurry of oil, dirt, and tomato juice.

When tomato skins hit the road, Mr. Tyhurst told the New York Times, “Man, it’s like walking on ice.”

After many hours, cleanup workers allowed the road to reopen.

According to the California Tomato Growers Association, the Golden State produces about half of the world’s processed tomatoes and more than 90% of the nation’s processed tomatoes.

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