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CDD-Ghana reiterates calls for Akufo-Addo to reduce size of government

Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Asante, the director of policy engagement and advocacy at the Centre for Democratic Development in Ghana (CDD Ghana), has once again called for the government to be smaller.

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He contends that the President should have done more to represent the period of austerity the country is bringing Ghanaians into, rather than only keeping the 30% pay cut for ministers.

Dr. Kojo Asante stated, “Now the cuts to basic income as we even revealed in our press conference what comes with being a Minister is even more, just the gasoline for fueling V8s… if we begin to impose a tax on that.” Dr. Kojo Asante was speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express.

“They might be symbolic, they might not be the ones that will reduce your external debt or whatever, but it’s symbolic. Let not people see the profligacy and all of those things people have to live within their means.” He added that it would have served the government well had he heeded the advice of civil society organisations to reduce the size of his government by doing away with some Ministers and Deputy Ministers. According to him, with the President’s trust rate currently being ranked as the lowest since the Afrobarometer report was launched in 1999, it would have served him well to take these drastic actions to boost morale and support.

“We can reduce ministers. I do not understand why we need three deputy ministers in some places, two deputy ministers in others. We can reduce that. These are very important morale boosting actions. I don’t understand why government is resisting on addressing it because when you don’t do that then you’re going to get stuck in this credibility hole.

“Anyone who has watched [interactions on social media] after the President’s address has seen all kinds of mime… Therefore, if the government does not see and comprehend that there is a gap and that this gap needs to be filled. I don’t know what the folks are looking at whether they’re going to go with you,” he remarked.

In response to President Akufo-speech Addo’s on the nation’s present economic issues, Dr. Kojo Asante said.

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