CCTV catches burglars stealing jewels worth millions in less than 30 seconds.

Four burglars who stole jewels valued at about $2.15 million from a jewelry store over the weekend are being sought by authorities in New York.

The jewelry was taken from a business in the Bronx by a group of criminals in roughly 30 seconds, according to police.

In the Bronx, the robbery took place on Friday, August 5, at or around 2:30 pm. The company calculates that they lost $2.15 million in merchandise as a result of the crime.

One of the suspects may be seen on surveillance footage approaching the store and ready to enter. The suspect, wearing a white T-shirt and black clothes, held the door open for three masked males after a Rocco’s Jewelry employee buzzed him in.

According to a news release from the police, “once inside the store, the three individuals utilized a hammer to bust up the display cases and remove a significant amount of high-end diamond jewelry.” The people fled the scene on foot by walking southbound on Webster Avenue while carrying bags containing the jewelry.

As the other thieves stuff jewels into bags, one of the criminals is seen smashing glass cases with a hammer.

The heist, which took place in less than 30 seconds, seemed to be thoroughly thought out.

According to the tweet, the NYPD is requesting anyone with information on the four males to come forward and provide a prize of $3,500 in exchange.

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