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Captain Smart nearly drowns while reporting on Accra floods while reporting on the Accra floods (Watch)

Onua TV/FM’s morning show host Captain Smart made his way to the STC Yard in Accra Tuesday morning to report on the floods that have hit the capital city.

Journalists would go above and above to make their reporting worthwhile, catching the attention of the powers that be and prompting them to move quickly and shift the narrative.
They would try to capture the tale with their cameras, build a picture of the magnitude of the crisis, and, in extreme situations, put themselves in the shoes of the victims by experiencing the nuisance while on location.

Captain Smart of Onua FM’s brave attempt to report from STC yard, where the flood had allegedly ruined documents and tables, necessitated the intervention of a’rescue squad,’ as it looked the broadcaster could not have escaped the flood without assistance.

Captain Smart, who was dressed in a white kaftan with definitions on the breast and was on his knees, became caught and the water rose past his stomach level, as filmed by his media house.
To avoid injury, the journalist moved slowly while holding an STC bus that had been parked in the rain with his left hand and stretching out his right hand for support. He was aided by two males dressed casually.

“All the documents are soaked, all the job cards and the tables have been wrecked by the rain,” a lady presumed to be an STC employee told the reporters.

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