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Can having a lot of sex loosen the vagina? Here are all the myths and facts

The muscles of the pelvic floor around the vagina. These could get weaker over time, which could result in the vagina feeling loose.

Incontinence, which results in urine leaking from the body, can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. The muscles in the vagina can get stronger with pelvic floor workouts.


The muscles in the vagina relax during sexual desire, allowing for penetrating intercourse.

Because these muscles relax gradually, foreplay might be crucial. The vagina resumes its regular shape and tightness after intercourse.

There are many misconceptions regarding how penetrative sex affects a woman’s body. There is no proof that having intercourse over time causes the vagina to get looser.

Before, during, and after intercourse, the vagina becomes momentarily more open. This is comparable to how the mouth stretches when you yawn or eat, then snaps back into place.

A thin membrane around the vagina is called the hymen. The first time having penetrative intercourse may cause the hymen to extend slightly, giving the vagina a little more open sensation.

Because every body is unique, having sex with a new partner could feel extremely different. As people age, gain or lose weight, and get sick, their bodies likewise change over time.

Changing your sexual position might occasionally alter how tight or loose your vagina feels. This can increase both partners’ sexual enjoyment.


As we become older, the body changes. The progressive weakening of skin and muscle helps to explain why the vagina may begin to feel looser.

The hormone estrogen levels fall throughout menopause. The vaginal lining may become drier and less elastic as a result.

After menopause, the vagina may get shorter or narrower. Additionally, there might be discomfort during intercourse, which could be brought on by a decrease in natural lubrication.

Sexual activity on a regular basis throughout menopause helps maintain the thickness of the vaginal tissue. Sex can be more pleasant if a lubricant is used.

It is usual for the lining of the vaginal wall to alter throughout perimenopause and menopause. Additionally, the vagina may become drier and intercourse may feel different. If you want to know whether hormonal cream can assist, talk to your doctor about it.

Why do you think your genital area is open?

The muscles of the pelvic floor around the vagina. These maintain the position of the vagina, womb, bladder, and rectum. The tightness of the vagina may diminish when these muscles release.

The muscles of the pelvic floor can be strengthened with certain workouts. The vagina might feel different after performing these exercises, which can also benefit general health.

Organ prolapse, which happens when organs fall out of position, may be avoided with strong pelvic floor muscles.

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