“Burna Boy has a weak ego and bullied me; he couldn’t fulfill me in bed.” – British ex-girlfriend

According to reports, Burna Boy and Stefflon Don began dating in 2019 and have since been spotted making outward displays of affection.

Three years later, though, they split up, and Stefflon won’t stop talking about the aspects of their relationship that didn’t make her happy.

She claimed in an Instagram story that Burna is egotistical and views Wizkid, his coworker, as one of his greatest competitors, which is why he occasionally insults Wizkid without cause.

She continued by describing how frail he is in bed.

She allegedly wrote: “I broke up with Burna Boy because he has a fragile ego, he sees his friend Wizkid as a competition, although knowing Wizkid is greater than he is,” in a screenshot of her allegedly circulated post. Even in bed, he fails to please me. SMH! The last time I wanted to communicate, he bullied me, but not any longer!

Shortly after Burna Boy said he might not get married and that he is single, Stefflon went off on a rampage.

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