Bulldog dares gov’t officials to come and jail him over Nana Addo’s booing comment(video)

He disclosed that the government appointees threatened him after he said that it was fortunate that Nana Addo was jeered on stage.

Bulldog said that he received calls from people he assumed to be from the seat of government during an appearance on United Showbiz on UTV.

He stated that the President didn’t need to attend the Citizens Festival because Nana Addo and the administration were responsible for the nation’s poverty and hardship.

He claims that “They questioned me about my opinion on the President’s boos, and I replied that it was appropriate. After that, I received follow-up calls and jailhouse threats.

“I’m conversing with them. People from Jubilee House or other locations come and put me in jail. So we shouldn’t converse because of you folks, right? Come lock me up. You can find me here.”

Added him: “We visited the Black Star Square to discuss a variety of subjects (Global Citizen), including the reduction of poverty, am I correct? And this government has ensured that every Ghanaian will live in poverty. How could you remain a shuttering company while bringing misery to the lives of common Ghanaians?

“I swear that if I don’t go to jail tomorrow, you won’t be president. Come put me in jail. I already have a judicial case against them. Do they really say that? that they’ll try to influence the situation? “He queried.

When President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo performed at the music festival on Saturday, September 26, 2022, Black Stars Square, some of the audience heckled him.

The President spoke about poverty and the efforts being made by the administration to end it, all the while promoting and sustaining a sense of national togetherness.

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