Brother Sammy: Working with circle musicians is something I don’t mind because they’re not as bad as people think.

A vocal gospel artist from Ghana under the stage name Broda Sammy, Samuel Opoku, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding circular musicians.

Ghanaians have a pervasive belief that musicians who play circular music are “dirty.”

In an interview with AMBASSADOR TV, which Modernghana News watched, the well-known gospel singer disproved the myth. Even gospel artists, he says, are not perfect.

Because they believe that secular musicians are gaining souls for the devil, Ghanaians are too critical and always want to crucify them. Some people mistake gospel artists, including myself, for Jesus Christ, but since no one can ever be God, we are not. Making Gospel music doesn’t make one a follower of Jesus, he said.

Broda Sammy claimed that he would want to collaborate musically with any of the circular musicians. H Hindus hold that even if a person is straying, someone must reroute his or her steps.

Brother Sammy insisted, “I won’t mind working with Stonebowy, Lasmid, Shatta Wale, and other secular musicians to win souls for Christ.”

He asked, “How can you win that person for Jesus Christ if you fail to go to the individual? The difficulty I have with Christians is that when they know you are doing something which is against the will of God, they will never come near you.

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